About Flowinn
Company Introduction

Shanghai FLOWINN locates in the wonderful place as in Nanxiang Town, Jiading District. It all began in 2006, and after nearly a decade of developing and hard work, FLOWINN rapidly grew from a small sized company which had single digit staff members to the size of 120 staff members as of now. On top of that, it's an ideal start-from-the-scratch to gaining the status of "High and New Technology Enterprise (HNTE)," and "NEEQ-listed company with the stock No. of 837176." After been through years of overcoming the challenges from many tough tasks, FLOWINN has become a company recognized by top Fortune 500 companies, it is also successfully occupied to most of the domestic needs in terms of electric actuators, thus steady and firmly becoming a nice brand company in the field.

FLOWINN provides quarter-turn, linear and multi-turn electric actuators with different features, such as water-proof and explosion-proof functions. Besides, it also provides a variety of products to fulfill clients' special needs. Our electric actuators are widely applied in construction, chemical, petroleum, and medical industries. Additionally, FLOWINN's products have met ISO standards, such as ISO9001, ISO14001, and the requirements of CE and RoHS.

Quality Goals
Quality Management System Quality Management System
Quality Management System

We follow ISO9001: 2008, ISO14001: 2004, OHSAS18001: 2007, ISO/IEC 80079-34, and relevant laws which regulate the quality of products and EHS system.


We strictly practice customer-oriented quality policy and the EHS system to make our products fulfilling the clients' needs. In addition, this will also continually improve our management systems.

Resource management
Resource Management

Clarify the HR requirements required achieving a set of goals; and then to achieve HR allocation based on this capability. The ability to evaluate the resources that have been configured, training or other measures may be required. Last, the measures taken for the appropriate evaluation and record to verify the effectiveness of management.

Production Process
Production Process

We set the manufacturing processes according to the EHS system in order to practice our quality policy. Along with the efficiency of the EHS system thus reaching our goals.

Evaluation and Assessment
Evaluation and Assessment

We improve our quality policy and the EHS system by reviewing them continually while taking the necessary precautions.

Company's culture and spirits
Never satisfied

The president brings the "never satisfied" spirit into the company as he leads by example himself. FLOWINN hopes the entire staff, from clerks to managers always challenge themselves and always improve. In FLOWINN, if you have the courage and abilities then you can always request to learn new things and knowledge. FLOWINN always provides opportunities to those who are always charging and never back down.

Team work

This is extremely important in FLOWINN. As a company striving for the concepts of quality producing, FLOWINN installed big white boards in every department and there are goals of cross departments' meetings and questions on them. The meetings are set in a fixed time to not only communicate, but also brainstorming to bring up new creative ideas for the company.

Self-innovated techniques

FLOWINN invests 5% of the total income into creating new techniques every year. Which including tracing the industry's techniques, enhancing the cooperation with the science units both domestically and abroad, participating in the main clients' early stage of R&D. FLOWINN's R&D team never ceases at improving and has been awarded many patents both domestically and overseas.

Customer always comes first

The clients are our partners, therefore we always value the clients' needs as our first priority and provide satisfied problem solutions also produce high quality electric actuators for them. FLOWINN keeps up the efforts on building a strong bond with the clients, thus becoming a partner that the clients can always rely on.

Alleviate your distress

Flowinn has been in the industry for years so we know how to deal with various requests from the customers. We solve customers' problems in no time and in addition, we're able to forecast the problems that the customers have yet to be encountered. The purpose is to provide customers with the satisfied products and services. Flowinn is always reaching for betterment because that's the only way for the customers to be satisfied. Our utmost pleasure is to have the trust and support from the customers.

Enhancing your strength

From the various functions of the quarter-turn or linear series, to the latest multi-turn series. Flowinn is undoubtedly to equip our customers with stronger competitiveness. We also deeply aware that in order to provide better assistance to the customers, we must have sufficient resources. So whether it's the management or the tight cooperation of various departments, Flowinn managed to do them well. We understand that in order for the customers to excel for the better, we must first elevate our own strength.

Better support

We have a well-developed R & D team busying day in and day out on how to develop new products and enhance the functions. Also a sound quality assurance system to ensure the quality of the products. And a trustworthy, responsible sales team to deal with any customer-related matters. The full assist of other departments is also what makes Flowinn, Flowinn. Because of this, Flowinn has the ability to provide customers with better, more comprehensive support, which is what we are most proud of.

Managing pattern (ISO, Lean production, 6SIGMA, ERP system)

FLOWINN is proud of our superior quality which surpasses all other companies in this field. Through the ISO system, lean production and under the control of 6SIGMA, FLOWINN's disqualifying rate is under 0.01%. In addition, a quick reaction to accommodate the clients' delivery date, thus achieved the managing patterns of both quality and lean production combined.

Lean production combined with 6SIGMA

Certificates (Flowinn's Professional Certifications)

ISO 9001


ISO 14001


OHSAS 18001

Developing History

FLOWINN locates in the wonderful place as in Nanxiang Town, Jiading District, Shanghai. It all began in 2007, and after nearly a decade of developing and hard work, FLOWINN rapidly grew from a small sized company which had single digit staff members to the size of 120 staff members as of now. On top of that, it is also a listed company. It is an ideal start-from-the-scratch to the "High and New Technology Enterprise (HNTE)." And after been through years of defeating tough tasks, FLOWINN not only becomes a reliable supplier for some Fortune 500 companies, it also successfully occupied much more of the domestic needs in terms of electric actuators. Therefore, steady and firmly becoming a lorious company in the field.

Year 2006

Founded & stepped into the actuator industry.

Year 2007

Preparing for ISO9001 certification.

Year 2008

Passed the ISO9001 certification.
Cooperated with some Fortune 500 companies.

Year 2010

Expanded the factory to the size of 1400 Sqm.
Cooperating with more Fortune 500 companies.

Year 2011

Introduced the ERP system, and strengthened the inner administrations of the company.

Year 2012

Passed ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 certifications, then the company quickly expanded its scale from then on.

Year 2013

Rewarded with "Best Supplier of The Year" & "LTJJC Annual Contribution Award". Honored as "HNTE" with the reputation of "Outstanding Supplier for Fortune 500 Companies."

Year 2014

Attained the Asia Excellent Supplier Award.
Attained 2014 LTJJC Annual Contribution Award.
Honored with the award of "Overall Contribution."
FLOWINN's sales volume had skyrocketed.

Year 2015

Attained the Little Giant Enterprise in Shanghai Award.
Attained 2015 LTJJC Outstanding Contribution Award.
The capital increased from 3 million RMB to 20 million RMB. Began the development of Multi-turn actuator series.

Year 2016

Got the award of The Leading Manufacturer Of The Year.
Developed the intellectual project.
Introduced the new ERP-U8.
Public listed on the ”New Three Board”

Year 2017

Attained the LTJJC Strength Silver; Shanghai Development; Shanghai Little Giant (Foster) Enterprise; Outstanding Taiwanese Enterprise Awards.
Invented the slogan, “Go with the FLO’& WINN!”