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FLOWINN (Shanghai) Industrial Co., LTD. is a "High and New Technology Enterprise (HNTE)." Our assurance of quality is a commitment to all of our clients.

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Our products are widely used and suitable in every business


(Mining, iron and steel metallurgy, shipbuilding, chemical plants, cement, automated control systems), regardless of whether large or small factories have different pipelines…

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(Water plant, water plant, drinking water distribution system, water system construction, rainwater pumping station) Water is a necessity of our lives, it is in our lives around…

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Energy and Power

(Coal-fired power plants, hydroelectric power plants, nuclear power plants, solar power, oil drilling platform pipeline, pump system) Energy Power is an important foundation for industry…

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(Hotels, banks, conference centers, airport subway lines, hospitals, department stores) With the continuous expansion of the scale of urban development, new buildings and buildings…

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